“The plan to annex the Jordan Valley and parts of the West Bank will further fuel the conflict in the region”

Dr. Ziad Abu Laban, a member of the General Secretary of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA), stated that the plan to annex the Jordan Valley and parts of the West Bank will further fuel the conflict in the region, calling positive the Jordanian disapproval of the Israeli occupation’s schemes.

In an exclusive statement to PCPA, he commented on the repercussions of the Israeli annexation plans, saying:

“Regarding the Palestinian Authority, the matter is engulfed in doubt, despite the opposition we hear of. However, the current state of affairs is not promising, for the Palestinian Authority has not so far made a resolute decision should territories of the West Bank be annexed.”

The odds are high that the Israeli annexation plans will inflate the complexity of the Palestinian cause, he said, attributing that to the following reason:

“The conflict is not waged over parts or all the Palestinian territories; rather, it is an existential conflict, for the Zionist entity is putting further discriminatory measures into effect against the Palestinian people. Worse yet, for years it has been seeking to obliterate the identity of both the area and the people.”

The solution to the Palestinian cause lies in opting for all forms of resistance, he added, “not on the negotiations table.”

He explained that what gave the Israeli occupation the courage to make such decisions was the Arab-sought-normalization, which he called: “Shameful and disgracing, as it amounts to treason.”

The role to be played if the decision is to be challenged, he argued:

“Is backing the Palestinian resolve, both morally and financially, in addition to forming a counter Palestinian-Arab front to resist through media, newspapers, conferences, protests, sit-ins, boycott of Israeli products and opposition of normalization, as well as by urging the Arab mainstream to pressure the Arab regimes to establish the act of refusal and the popular resistance.”

He added:

“The ambiguity surrounding the Deal of the Century is tightly associated with the annexation plans, and what is kept in the dark is far greater. What is being reported by the media and what is presented on and under the negotiations table is entrusted only to the U.S. administration and its Israeli counterpart, for Arab rulers know nothing but minor pieces of information.

The liquidation of the Palestinian cause might relieve the Arab rulers, they think so. Nonetheless, the Palestinian right shall remain as long as Palestinians continue to breathe and the free spirits of the world keep their support of the Palestinian cause.”

(Source: Palestinians Abroad)

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