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SunBird Team slams Shaktar players to play with the occupation

Wednesday, 17th February 2021 (The Inside Palestine)- Shaktar to visit Tel Aviv for the European League match against Maccabi.

The team will join the match in the stadium which was built on the ruins of occupied Jaffa, a historic Palestinian city.

“Great news! All Shakhtar players and staff tested negative for COVID-19 before their flight to Israel.” Tweeted FC Shaktar Donestsk.

Activists from SunBird Team stand up against the players, who will travel to play with the Israeli occupation. Activists condemn the players about how they are proud of playing with a brutal occupation existing illegally at the expense of innocents’ rights.

Hence, the Palestinians’ role depends on showing and exposing the reality of the Israeli occupation.



Source: The Inside Palestine

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