Representative Rashida Tlaib submits ‘Nakba Day resolution’

USA (The Inside Palestine)-A number of US congress members introduced to the US House on Monday a bill that recognizes the Palestinian Nakba, the forced expulsion and ethnic cleansing of over 750,000 Palestinians 74 years ago, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

The bill is co-sponsored by US-Palestinian congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and fellow progressives Betty McCollum, Marie Newman, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Today, I introduced a resolution recognizing the Nakba (catastrophe), where 400 Palestinian towns and villages were destroyed, over 700,000 Palestinians uprooted from their homes, and made refugees,” Tlaib tweeted on Monday after introducing her resolution to the US House of Representatives.

“We must acknowledge that the humanity of Palestinians is being denied when folks refuse to acknowledge the war crimes and human rights violations in apartheid Israel.”

Meanwhile, the US Campaign for Human Rights described the submission of the bill as a “historic moment”.

“We are proud to endorse Congresswoman Tlaib’s principled Nakba Day resolution,” said Sana Siddiq, USCPR’s Manager of Policy and Advocacy Campaigns.

Source: Palestine Chronicle

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