Red Crescent slams Israeli forces for attacking its staff

West Bank (The Inside Palestine)-The Palestinian Red Crescent Society, yesterday, slammed the Israeli forces for targeting its medical staff, adding that their attacks were becoming “common, specifically in Nablus’ southern town of Beita.”

The Movement said in a statement that the occupation had “fired live bullets, rubber-coated metal bullets, and tear gas canisters at Palestinian protesters in Beita,” adding that the violence had left about “100 casualties.”

Among the wounded, the Movement pointed out, was a 19-year-old Alaa Khudair, in whom a bullet penetrated his right forearm while he was treating a wounded journalist.

“Although all the Association’s crews and vehicles clearly bear the Red Crescent emblem, these scenes have become common in Beita and in a number of other Palestinian towns and villages, where the Association’s crews are deployed to cover the protests that erupt almost daily,” the Red Crescent noted.


Source: Middle East Monitor

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