Ramallah: health of Palestinian cancer patient in Israeli jails deteriorates

RAMALLAH (The Inside Palestine) – The family of a critically ill Palestinian freedom fighter incarcerated in Israel has called on international humanitarian and legal organizations to secure the release of its son in order to get proper treatment outside jail, today said the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs.

Nasser Abu Hmeid, 49, from Amari refugee camp in Ramallah who has been in prison since 2002 and serving seven life terms plus 50 years for his resistance of the Israeli occupation, is suffering from lung cancer, and, according to his family, his health has gravely deteriorated.

Abu Hmeid’s brother, Mohammad, told the Commission’s attorney Karim Ajweh after visiting his brother at Ramleh prison clinic in the center of Israel, that x-ray images showed that the cancer is spreading in his left lung and affecting the arteries and heart.

He said Nasser has difficulty talking, lost weight, and vomits constantly, in addition to having pain all over his body, mainly in his head, and has to breathe through an oxygen mask at most times, expressing concern that cancer may have spread to the head.

Mohammad has urged international humanitarian organizations, particularly the Red Cross, to intervene with the Israeli occupation authorities to have his brother released in order to get treatment abroad before cancer kills him.

Nasser Abu Hmeid has four other siblings serving long prison sentences in Israel for their resistance activities and one brother was killed by the Israeli occupation forces. The family home in Amari camp was demolished several times by the Israelis, the last of which was in 2019.

Source: WAFA

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