Palestinian killed after being injured by IOF in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)_ A  Palestinian teenager on Monday evening was shot dead by Israeli police forces after he carried out a shooting operation near the Aqsa Mosque’s Asbat Gate in the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources identified the martyr as 17-year-old Mahmoud Omar Kamil from the West Bank town of Qabatiya in Jenin.

Some Hebrew media claimed the young man was able to injure one police officer, but others said that the officer was lightly injured when he fell down during the chase.

According to news reports, the shooting in the Old City occurred at about 7 p.m. at a police guard post near the Aqsa Mosque.

The martyr approached a group of officers, took out a makeshift Carlo-style submachine gun and opened fire at them, but the firearm was not operating accurately and malfunctioned, forcing him to flee through the Old City streets.

Soon, many officers participated in an on-foot chase and some of them showered the teenager with volleys of bullets, killing him immediately.

Consequently, the Israeli occupation police put their forces on high alert, closed the Old City’s entrances and gates and rounded up two young men from the Aqsa Mosque.

Eyewitnesses said that police officers savagely stormed the Aqsa Mosque following the shooting incident and kidnaped two young worshipers from the Dome of the Rock prayer hall after physically assaulting them.

Officers were also seen maltreating and assaulting a number of Muslim worshipers as they were leaving the Aqsa Mosque through its gates following the nighttime Isha prayer.

In recent days, Jewish settlers, under military and security protection, escalated their violations and crimes against the Palestinians, their property and holy sites in different areas of Jerusalem and the West Bank, and such operation is seen as a natural reaction.

Source:  The Palestinian Information Center

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