Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons suffer in Winter season as ‘Israel’ escalates its violations

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- Palestine’s Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners stated that the Israeli occupation’s Prison Service is deliberately escalating its violations against prisoners in the winter season.

In winter, they storm prisoners’ rooms and sections at night and dawn and expose prisoners to rain and extremely cold weather.

The Ministry pointed out that the administration imposes restrictions on the use of electric and heating devices, preventing prisoners from buying any heater, even at their own expense.

Extreme cold weather in some prisons, such as in Al-Naqab prison, leaves prisoners with frozen limbs without any heating systems or equipment.

In addition, the administration adopts a policy of medical neglect without providing the necessary treatment and health care for Palestinian prisoners.

In this context, the Ministry called on the International Red Cross and human rights institutions to provide protection for prisoners and consider the difficult conditions they are living in, as well as make every effort to provide prisoners with all the necessities that protect them from extreme cold weather.

Source: Al-Mayadeen

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