Palestinian detainee starts his 63th year in the Israeli prisons

West Bank (The Inside Palestine)- The Palestinian prisoner Walid Daqqa, 59, entered his 36th year in the Israeli occupation prison.

He was arrested on March 25, 1986, with a group of men; Ibrahim Abo Al-Mokh, Rushdi Abo Al-Mokh, and Ibrahim Biadsa.

Daqqa has three sisters and six broths. He lost his father when he was in prison.

During his long journey in the Israeli prisons, he produced several books, studies, and articles, and contributed to understanding the experience of prison and resisting it.

In 1999, He married Sanaa Salama. Last February, they had their first child.

Daqqa was subjected to a group of brutal policies; solitary confinement, as a result of his production of books.

The administration of the Israeli prisons over and over again tried to seize his books.

Walid Daqqa was first sentenced to life imprisonment but later the sentence was declined to 37 years. In 2018 the Israeli occupation authorities extended his imprisonment to two years more.

Source: Safa

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