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Palestinian activists stand by Andrea Sahouri over charge at protest

US (The Inside Palestine)- In case of an attack on Press freedom, Andrea Sahouri, a Palestinian American reporter with the Des Moines Register faces trial Monday at a US court on charges stemming from her coverage of a protest.

Sahoutri, 25, was covering a Black Lives Matter protest when tensions increased between protesters and Police as she covered the protest live on Twitter.

“The charges against Andrea Sahouri represent a clear violation of press freedom and fit a disturbing pattern of abuses against journalists by police in the USA. It’s deeply troubling that the prosecutor would push these bogus charges all the way to trial,” said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International.

Many reporters have been targeted while covering the protest against racial injustice and police violence.

Consequently, this charge allegation against Sahouri was refuted by a group of Palestinian activists from Palestine Online, Palestine Defence Forces and V Palestine.

The activists stand with Sahouri saying that covering the truth is not a crime, sharing solidarity with her.

Source: In Palestine Today

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