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Palestinian activists participate in online campaign calling for free and fair elections

Gaza,(The inside Palestine)- The legislative elections are scheduled to take place on May 22 and the presidential vote on July 31. There is, however, still a possibility that the Israeli occupation will spoil the entire process.

“Israel” has repeatedly demonstrated that it will crush all Palestinian expressions of democracy that challenge its settler-colonial regime and will only allow a subordinate Palestinian leadership.

Act4Palestine youth team based in the Gaza Strip launched a Twitter storm on Wednesday to pressure the international community to ensure the upcoming Palestinian elections are conducted fairly and without manipulation by the Israeli occupation.

The campaign sparked a lot of reactions, as several teams participated, such as: Palestine Defense Forces, VPalestine, Palestine Sunbird and Palestine Online.

The elections is a clear sign that will impact the future prospects of Palestinians being able to exercise their rights in self determination.

It is to be hoped that President Biden’s grand words about democracy as he entered the White House extend beyond America’s borders and will also apply to May’s Palestinian elections.

Source: The inside Palestine

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