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Palestinian activists condemn Czech Republic for opposing ICC investigation into Israeli crimes

Prague, February12, 2021( The inside Palestine)-
Last Friday, the International Criminal Court said that its jurisdiction extends to territories occupied by ‘Israel’ in the 1967 war, clearing the way for its chief prosecutor to open an investigation into Israeli war crimes.

The Czech Republic, who is a member of the international Criminal Court (ICC), has opposed the ICC ruling that it has jurisdiction to open a criminal investigation into ‘Israel’ for war crimes in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

The Czech Republic also said that Palestine is not internationally recognized as a state,
infuriating Palestinian activists from Palestine Sunbird.

The activists have responded to the Jiří Ovčáček telling him that ‘Israel’ is an occupation entity and that Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people. You cannot hide the sun with a sieve.

Source: The inside Palestine

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