Occupation forces storm archeological area of al-Mas’udia in Nablus

Nablus (The Inside Palestine) – The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday morning broke into the archeological area of al-Mas’udia based on the lands of the village of Burqa in occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Palestinian anti settlement activist Diab Hajji said that the Israeli forces broke into the area of al- Mas’udia as well as the building of al-Hijaz Railway Station, and started mapping the area.

The activist added that the Israeli forces and settlers try to pursuit their objectives in the area and take control of its buildings, that had been used as the Hijaz Railway station during the Ottoman period.

The Israeli occupation authorities continue to commit violations against the occupied West Bank towns and cities in an attempt to Judaize them.

Source: Al Ray

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