Occupation authorities force Palestinian to self-demolish his home in Naqab

Occupied Negab (The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli occupation authorities forced Monday a Palestinian citizen to demolish his own house in the unrecognised Palestinian village of Wadi al-Na’am in the occupied Naqab (Negev) desert.

Local sources reported that Israeli occupation forces ordered Kamal al- Nasireh to knock down his home on Monday evening after handing him a demolition notice about two months ago.

Al-Nasireh said that he had to demolish the house himself to avoid having to pay exorbitant fines to the Israeli occupation authorities if they carried out the demolition.

“There are several homes threatened with demolition in Wadi al-Na’am,” al- Nasireh pointed out. “Four days ago, the owners of a house here had to demolish their home. Next week, they [the Israeli occupation authorities] will knock down another house.”

Source : Al Ray

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