New Israeli plan to forcibly displace Khan al-Ahmar in Jerusalem

Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli occupation government is planning to forcefully evict Khan al-Ahmar village east of occupied Jerusalem and displace its residents in the near future, an Israeli TV channel reported.

Israeli Channel 12 said that the plan includes evicting the Khan al-Ahmar and rebuilding the village later in an area 300 metres away from its current location.

The new project has been discussed by the Israeli occupation army and the so-called National Security Council and will be put to a vote later.

The new plan comes ahead of a session of the so-called Israeli supreme court, set for 6 March, to review the Israeli occupation government’s request to postpone the forceful displacement of Khan al-Ahmar.

The Israeli occupation authorities claim that the village was built without a license on what it falsely refers to as “state land.”

On 29 September last year, the Israeli supreme court agreed to postpone the forced eviction of Khan al-Ahmar for another six months amid mounting international pressure and after the Interna

The village, which is surrounded by a number of illegal Israeli settlements, is located in the areas that the Israeli occupation is seeking to grab to implement the settler-colonial “E1” project.

Around 200 Palestinian citizens, mostly children and women, now live in the village.

Source: Alray

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