“Malaysia will not keep quiet on the oppression of the Palestinians by the occupation state.”

Kuala Lumpur (QNN)- Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Saturday that US President Donald Trump legalized Israeli occupation of Jerusalem with his Middle East plan and that Malaysia will not keep quiet on the oppression of the Palestinians by the occupation state.
“This peace plan only recognizes Israeli occupation and completely ignores the rights of oppressed Palestinians,” Mahathir said in his opening address to the third Parliamentary Conference for Al-Quds in Petaling Jaya.
“We are duty-bound and this responsibility is further amplified when powerful nations that had styled themselves as the defender of justice and freedom choose to be silent while the atrocities are being committed.

“In other words, if we too choose to be silent, the blood from the murders and killings of the Palestinians by the Israelis is on our hands as well,” said Dr Mahathir.
Dr Mahathir said platforms such as The League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Parliamentary Blocs and others, can be more effective if they were to strategise and coordinate their efforts.
“As recent as Jan 7,2020, Israel has approved the construction of nearly 2,000 new settler homes on Palestinian territories, as mentioned by Peace Now, an anti-settlement watchdog group. Never in the history of nations have countries built settlements in other countries and claim the right to own them.

“This is a form of conquest based on the strength of a bully.”
UNICEF, said Mahathir, documented Israel’s persecution of Palestinian children and Israel must be punished for its violence.
“Malaysia has always stood with the Palestinians and rejected Trump’s proposal,” Mahathir said.
Around 500 members, including leaders from various parts of the world gathered in Malaysia for the conference.


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