Jerusalem: Israeli occupation to build 1,200 illegal settler housing units

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli occupation authorities on Wednesday approved a plan for the construction of 1,200 new settler housing units in the illegal settler-colonial neighbourhood of Kiryat Hayovel in occupied Jerusalem.

An Israeli newspaper reported that the illegal settler units would be built on a tract of nearly 50 dunums of land in the western part of “Kiryat Hayovel” neighbourhood, which is built on the lands of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Beit Mazmil in occupied Jerusalem.

The project includes the building of 12 multi-storey buildings containing 1,200 illegal settler housing units, the Israeli paper added.

The plan entails also the eviction of five old, eight-storey residential buildings including 320 settler housing units.

In addition to housing units, the plan also includes 2,000 square meters of employment space, roughly 28,000 square meters of public buildings that would contain Jewish temples, schools, kindergartens, and social and community facilities, according to the Israeli news outlet.

Source: Al Ray

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