Israeli torture of Palestinian detainees

Three young Palestinians said they were severely beaten by Israeli occupation soldiers after they were apprehended, today said the Prisoners’ Affairs Commission.

It said, based on an affidavit from Ahmad Alqam, 17, from Beit Ummar town, in the south of the West Bank, that after Israeli occupation soldiers had detained him during a dawn raid at his family home the soldiers beat him severely on his face and back along the way to Asqalan detention facility.

During the interrogation at the facility, the soldiers forced him to sit in a low chair with his hands and feet cuffed to the chair for long hours. He remained there for nine days before being transferred to Damoun detention facility, the commission said.

Meanwhile, the commission recounted the testimony of Mustafa Bayari, who was detained during a dawn raid at Jalazone refugee camp near Ramallah.

Soldiers severely beat Bayari and banged his head across a wall several times. Then, they transferred him for interrogation at the infamous Russian compound detention facility in West Jerusalem where his interrogators deliberately assaulted and humiliated him, and detained him there for 38 days before moving him to the Ofer detention facility near Ramallah.

Bayari’s health condition has deteriorated after being tortured in detention, said the commission, and as a result, he is now suffering from acute head and ear pain besides to eyesight problems.

The commission also related the case of Abdullah Sobh, 19, a resident of Jenin city, who was detained at a military checkpoint near Tulkarm city.

(Source: Palestine International Broadcast)

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