Israeli settlers continue razing Palestinian lands in al-Aghwar areas

West Bank (The Inside Palestine)- Israeli occupation settlers have been razing Palestinian lands for nearly a month in Khirbet al-Farsi in the northern Valleys “al-Aghwar” areas.

Human rights activist, Aref Daraghmeh, said that for a month, Israeli settlers have been razing Palestinian lands in Khirbet al-Farsiyeh in al-Aghwar, in preparation for infrastructure, school and facilities projects in the area.

Daraghmeh warned that such projects could be the beginning of an Israeli process of effectively emptying the area of its indigenous Palestinian population.

Moreover, Daraghmeh estimated the area of Palestinian lands razed by Israeli settlers during this period at about 30 dunums.

In the same context, about a month ago, Israeli settlers began dredging Palestinian lands near Ma’arrash and also placed a reservoir in the same place a year ago, using heavy machinery.

Source: Alray

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