Israeli occupation offered Palestinian in Sheikh Jarrah to transplant kidney for giving up his house

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- Mazen Al Dweik, a resident at the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, said that the Israeli authorities offered him to leave his house and get a kidney transplant in return.

“They offered many things… another house, money, anything. They even offered to transplant a kidney for me and, in return, I give up my house”, Dweik said.

“From my house, I see the Dome of the Rock every day. This is a great honor that cannot be bought”.

Dweik is one of the families, which are threatened of forced displacement.

In 2007, Israeli authorities claimed that their house has been built without a permit, but they failed to steal it. They could not prove their claims at their supreme court.

“Only one year later, they ordered us to evacuate our house”, Dweik said. “They claimed that the land was owned by Jewish Yemenis”.

“We will never give up our houses. I wish to die before I do such thing. These are our houses and we will resist despite the pressure”.

Source: QNN

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