Israeli occupation banish Khadija from Al-Aqsa Mosque for 6 months

Occupied Jerusalem (Tnside Palestine)- Shortly after detaining her, the Israeli occupation police on Monday evening handed Jerusalemite activist Khadija Khuwais an order banishing it from the Aqsa Mosque for several months.

According to local sources, the Israeli police released Khuwais after kidnaping her from the Aqsa Mosque’s Bab al-Rahma prayer hall and handed her an order prohibiting her presence at the Aqsa Mosque and the roads leading to it for six months.

The police issued such decision hours after Khuwais and other Jerusalemite activists urged Muslim worshipers to frequent the Aqsa Mosque and its Bab al-Rahma area to frustrate any Judaization plots targeting their holy site.

On January 21, Khuwais was detained and ordered to stay away from the Aqsa Mosque for a week.

Last December, Khuwais completed an entry ban order that deprived her of praying at the Aqsa Mosque for 14 months. However, she was exposed to detention and interrogation several times at the time when she performed her prayers on the streets of the Old City.

She had been exposed to similar arbitrary measures in recent years.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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