Israeli occupation attacks Palestinians resisting forceful eviction in Sheikh Jarrah

Palestinians were violently attacked by Israeli occupation forces and settlers during a protest against mass evictions in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah

Occupied Jerusalem (In Palestine Today)_Palestinian protests against mass evictions in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah were violently attacked by Israeli occupation forces and settlers last night, reported Wafa news agency.

For the third night in a row, Israeli soldiers forced their way into the neighbourhood as Palestinians and activists settled down to break their fast in solidarity with the 40 Palestinians, including ten children, who face imminent risk of being kicked out from their homes in the neighbourhood to make way for illegal settlers.

According to local residents, soldiers mounted on horses attempted to violently disperse the Palestinian protestors last night, firing tear gas, stun grenades, and skunk water towards them.

They also sealed off the neighborhood in an attempt to prevent residents from other areas in Jerusalem from accessing it and detained at least six Palestinians, including Secretary-General of Fatah Shadi Mtour.

Palestinian families facing forcible eviction from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood yesterday rejected the Israeli Supreme Court’s proposal to reach a deal with Jewish settlers regarding the ownership of their homes.

Last Sunday, the Supreme Court gave the families until Thursday to reach a deal with Israeli Jewish settlers; requiring them to pay the Israeli settlers rent for their homes until the current owners pass away and then the properties would be assigned to the settlers, not to their heirs.

However, the decision was instead delayed until Monday, Israel’s Jerusalem Day, which celebrates the occupation of East Jerusalem following the 1967 war.

Currently, there are 38 Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah, four of them facing imminent eviction, while three are expected to be removed on 1 August.

A spokesperson for Sheikh Jarrah families, Aref Hammad, said the families have appealed to the Supreme Court, where three judges were supposed to hear the case, but only one judge was appointed to the case.

“The judge suggested that we negotiate with the settlers, but she did not propose any alternative,” he added.

source: Middle East Monitor

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