Israeli forces demolish Palestinian family house in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah

Occupied Jerusalem( The Inside Palestine)- IOF bulldozers have demolished the Salhiyya family’s home in Sheikh Jarrah at dawn, Wednesday, after the occupation’s SWAT teams raided the home and forcefully evicted family members and those protesting alongside them.

Although civlian injuries were reported after the IOF assaulted the family, ambulances were prevented from entering the area to help the injured.

Palestine-based SAMA news agency reported from local sources that occupation forces barbarically assaulted the family of Mahmoud Salhiyya, including a 9-year old child, during their raid on their house. Mahmoud and five other family members were arrested, in addition to some 20 youth who were in the area.

Salhiyya had threatened desperate measures to protect his family and home as the occupation’s municipality demolished their land, which is adjacent to the house, under IOF protection.

The Israeli occupation had been pushing to forcefully evict the family for the past three years under the guise of planning to build schools and learning centers, despite the land having belonged to the Salhiyya family for generations. On Christmas day of last year, the occupation sent a final order of “eviction” to the family which culminated in the tragedy they experienced today.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood has been an area highly sought by “Israel” for quite a while, as occupation authorities tried everything to uproot its people, from sending aleatory and unlawful court-mandated eviction orders to allowing settlers to attack the neighborhood’s residents.

Recently, the occupation municipality teams and bulldozers began digging a 4,700-sqm land, owned by four Palestinian families,.

In hindsight, this all seems like a clear attempt at forcing many of Al-Quds residents to migrate, as a means to change the demography of the city.

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