‘Israel’ to bring over 2000 Ethiopian settlers to Palestine

Addis Ababa (QNN)- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the Ethiopian Prime Minister that the occupation state intents to “immediately” bring over some 2,000 Ethiopian Jews, according to AP news.

The announcement, which came Friday after a phone call with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, comes “out of [Netanyahu’s] commitment to the continued aliyah (illegal migration) of Jews to Israel.”

Some 13,000 Ethiopian Jews are in the capital, Addis Ababa, and in Gondar, most of them waiting to be taken to occupied Palestine, which they call home. Most live in dire conditions and have threatened to stage a hunger strike if they’re not allowed to migrate to Palestine.

Ethiopian Jews are often referred to in Ethiopia as “Falashas,” a derogatory word which translates into “strangers” or “migrants.”

Since the creation of ‘Israel’ on the ruins of Palestine, over 121,000 Ethiopean Jews, as part of 3.3 Jews from all over the world, have been brought by the Zionist state to replace nearly 800,000 indigenous Palestinians, who were either expelled or killed during the Nakbah in 1948.

The occupation state was created by the Zionist movement, a colonial movement supporting the establishment by any means necessary of a national state for Jews in historic Palestine

Zionism is a nationalist, political ideology that called for the creation of a Jewish state, and now supports the continued existence of Israel as such a state. Theodor Herzl, an Austrian Jew, is considered the “father” of political Zionism. The Zionist movement started in the late 19th century, amidst growing European anti-Semitism. The movement secured support among Western European governments, particularly after Zionists agreed to create their Jewish state in historic Palestine.

Source: QNN

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