‘Israel’ still tortures Two of Gilbou’s prison breakers, says watchdog

Occupied WB (The Inside Palestine) – Palestinian detainees Yacoub Qadri and Mohammed Arda are being tortured and tormented in Israeli jails, Commission of Detainees’ Affairs has said.

The commission added in a press statement on Sunday that detainee Qadri is being subjected to inhumane detention conditions in solitary confinement in Ishel prison.

It pointed out that the detainee Qadri is suffering from pains in his right hand as well as in his left shoulder and leg after being attacked by Israeli forces during his court trial, noting that the occupation authorities refuse to provide him with necessary treatment.

The commission indicated that Qadri is also in need of an urgent eye surgery which was supposed to have been conducted for 18 months, but he awaits to get approval until the moment.

In the same context, the commission added that the Israel prison service continue to hold detainee Arda in Ohali Kidar prison under very harsh conditions, inside a cell that lacks key requirements to life.

It pointed out that the Israeli prison service compelled the detainee Arda to sleep on filthy and frayed mattress, which aggravates his health condition and caused him to suffer from severe aches in his back.

Source: Alray

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