Israel occupation forces demolish Palestinian commercial stores west of Ramallah

Ramallah (The Inside Palestine)- Israeli occupation forces earlier on Tuesday demolished four-under-construction Palestinian commercial stores in Deir Qaddis village, west of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

Local sources said Israeli forces, with military protection, escorted bulldozers to the village of Deir Qaddis earlier today and demolished four under construction commercial stores owned by Palestinian residents.


Deir Qaddis has a population of some 2,600 and occupies a total area of 8,053 dunams and it is located 16 kilometers to the northwest of Ramallah city.

Israeli occupation constantly demolishes structures and houses of Palestinians in Area C, claiming they were built without a permit, rarely, if ever, issued for Palestinians.

It does not allow any development there while using the occupied land for its illegal settlement activity.

Under the 1995 Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, was divided into three portions — Area A, B and C.

Area C is currently home to 300,000 Palestinians, the vast majority of whom are Bedouins and herding communities who predominantly live in tents, caravans and caves.

Thus, house demolitions, confiscation of the most basic infrastructure and military training exercises are part of everyday reality in the area.

‘Israel’ has seized at least 2,735 dunams (34 percent) belonging to the Deir Qaddis village for the construction of three nearby colonial settlements, namely Mod‘in Illit, Nili and Na‘aleh, which strangle the village from the south and the north.

‘Israel’ has also constructed a section of the apartheid wall on the village’s land, confiscating and isolating 4,272 dunams (accounting for 53 percent) for colonial settlement activities.

Source: QNN

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