“Israel” is systematically poisoning Palestinian water sources

If you want to know what the IHRA and Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt is about, then you could do worse than read the 3 articles below. Human life is not possible without water and that is why Israel is making it as hard as possible for Palestinians to have direct access to clean, running water.  The intent behind their poisoning of Palestinian water sources, the theft of their aquifer water and the destruction of water pipes that enable the transmission of water is simple – transfer.

Israel’s hostility to Palestinian obtaining water, such that they are forced to pay for their own water, is ethnic cleansing. But if you dare to say this then Jon Lansman, Owen Jones and Jennie Formby will call you an ‘anti-Semite’. It is what is called a ‘trope’.

The IHRA misdefinition of ‘antisemitism’ gives as an illustration of ‘antisemitism’:

Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

Gaza moonscape after Israeli bombardment

One such ‘stereotypical myth’ about Jews is that in medieval times they poisoned the wells of non-Jews. According to Wikipedia it ‘was one of the three gravest antisemitic accusations made against Jews during this period.’There is no doubt that the allegations made against Jews in the Middle Ages were without substance. It was the product of superstition, Christian anti-Semitism and the need for a scapegoat to explain e.g. the Black Death.

Palestinian accusations of water theft and poisoning are treated as ‘antisemitic’ by Israel’s right-wing Jerusalem Post because of false accusations against Jews in the Middle Ages

However Israel is not a Jew.  It is a settler-colonial state, ‘Jewish’ only in so far as Jews are privileged. It is also a documented fact that Israel does poison Palestinian wellswater and farmland.

In February 2015 the Board of Deputies’ then Treasurer, Laurence Brass saw a rusty car that settlers had pushed into a Palestinian well. According to the IHRA Laurence Brass is anti-Semitic, for reporting what he saw!

Brass, who had gone on a trip to the West Bank, saw things that shocked him. Yet he was viciously and bitterly criticised for having spoken out.

Brass is a liberal Zionist, a member of Yachad with a house in Israel. He is no left-winger yet what he described should have prompted the Board, if they had any sense of ethics and values, as opposed to seeing their role as an Israeli Solidarity Society, to protest. Instead Brass was forced to resign.

As Laurance Brass Demonstrated You Cannot Oppose Israel’s Racist Treatment of Palestinians and remain an Officer of the Board of Deputies

Brass described to the Jewish Chronicle in an article, Board of Deputies treasurer ‘shocked’ by visit to West Bank his experience Susiya:

“The village spokesman told us that he was very worried at the prospect of local Palestinian children being attacked by settlers on their way to school.

Just 48 hours after we left, a six-year-old girl from the neighbouring village of Atuwani was admitted to hospital with head wounds after being stoned on her way to school, just as we had been warned might occur.

I was shocked that this type of behaviour goes unchecked by the IDF.”

Mr Brass added that the abiding memory of his visit would be “the sight of an old rusty car being dumped down the village well, thus preventing the locals from having fresh water.

“I had also not known previously that, on the majority of the road signs in the area, the Arabic words have been deliberately obliterated. I had also not previously appreciated the ever increasing number of settler outposts which have sprung up all over Area C, which, although illegal, no one appears willing to prevent.”

Mr Brass said:

“The miserable existence of the Palestinian villagers we met will stay with me for a long time. It was difficult to reconcile that we were celebrating the festival of freedom, while these villagers were surviving in such squalid surroundings. I returned very depressed.”

Yet the Israel lobby, people who, like Luke Akehurst, are paid large salaries, defend this behaviour. Their argument is that it is ‘illegal’ to build water pipes. Strange no Jewish settlers aren’t prosecuted.  Even stranger the Israeli army has never entered a settlement and destroyed their water pipes!

Zionist propagandists like Gerald Steinberg of the semi-fascist NGO Monitor and ex-Labour MP Eric Moonman attacked Brass for speaking out.

But if you dare to mention ‘Israel Lobby’ Jennie Formby, Lansman and their faithful mouthpiece Owen Jones, will accuse you of ‘anti-Semitism’ as will Nareser Osei ( the despicable woman who is the leading witch-hunter of socialists and Palestinian supporters at Labour HQ at Southside.

On resigning Brass said that:

‘There have been countless occasions over the last six years when I’ve been bursting to criticise the Israeli administration, but I’ve restrained myself.

“I want to be released from the chains of office to contribute to the wider debate on the Middle East, as well as on the critical political issues that I consider to be important here at home.”

We reach the absurd situation, as a result of the fake anti-semitism campaign, that something might be antisemitic even if it’s true! The idea that  antisemitism is based on the truth is itself anti-Semitic but that is the situation that the adoption of the IHRA has led the Labour Party into.

Israeli bulldozer sets about destroying water infrastructure – this is why Israel’s army is ‘the most moral in the world’Destruction of Palestinian Water Infrastructure

Destruction of Palestinian Water Infrastructure

What possible reason could there be for Israeli forces to arrive in force, with excavating equipment, at the village of Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills, to dig up European Union funded pipes that had been laid to supply water to six villages and over a thousand people.

If you want to know why Israel is an apartheid state then all you need to do is to contrast the settlements, with their unlimited supply of (stolen) water with the water shortage that Palestinian communities experience.

This is what the Board of Deputies ‘anti-Semitism’ campaign is really about. After all, section 3 (d) of the Board’s Constitution under Aims, Purposes and Power contains the following clause:

Take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing.

The Board of Deputies’s ‘concern’ about anti-Semitism is in reality a concern or defending Israel right or wrong.  The Board has never criticised racism in Israel still less the Zionist ideology that justifies it.

Palestinian children fill plastic gallons with drinking water from a vendor in Khan Younis. (AP)

There is only question one needs to ask.

What kind of state would uproot and destroy pipes carrying clean water to a Palestinian village?

It is a measure of the toothlessness of the European Union that instead of taking the cost of the equipment they destroyed from grants they give Israel, they continue to defend Israel as a ‘democracy’.

However we should remember that it’s not just Palestinians in the Occupied Territories who suffer from water shortage.  Half of Israel’s Arab villages are ‘unrecognised’ and that means they have neither sewage or any other sort of facility, including electricity and running water.  Could this happen to a Jewish community?  Of course not. Israel is a Jewish state and therefore ALL Jewish communities are automatically recognised.

This is the kind of visceral racism that the Labour Party is defending today in its fight against ‘anti-Semitism’

Source: Tony Greensetin

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