Israeli occupation forces arrested last July 420 Palestinians; including 62 children, 10 women, and one member in the Palestinian legislative council, according to a report issued by Palestine Prisoners Centre for Studies.

The report documented 14 arrests from Gaza, 4 of which were against fishermen, who were on Gaza seashores. 10 others were arrested on the separation barrier, including children.

Member of the Palestinian legislative council Azzam Salhab (63 years old) was also arrested in the same month after breaking into his house and vandalizing properties.

The report revealed that Israel targeted children, arresting 62 of them including children as young as 7 years old.

Other younger children were summoned for interrogation; like Muhammad Elayyan (4 years old) and Qais Obeid (6 years old), accusing them of throwing stones at Israeli military vehicles.

‘Israel’ also continued to arrest Palestinian women. 10 women were reportedly arrested, while a 6-year-old girl from Hebron called Malak Sider was interrogated after an Israeli raid into her family’s house, accusing her of “harassing settlers”.

A 63-year-old lady called Fathiyyeh Barghouthi was held while on her way back from Jordan and interrogated for 6 hours.

Other ladies and female minors were also arrested for being relatives to imprisoned or killed Palestinians.

The total of Palestinian martyrs, who were killed in Israeli jails increased to 220 after the death of Nassar Taqatqa (31 years old), who was tortured to death.

The Israeli authorities continued to issue administrative detention orders against Palestinians, issuing 100 administrative order which included 28 new and 72 renewed orders.

(Source: Quds News Network)

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