‘Israel’ approves 12 illegal settlements in Al-Naqab

Occupied Negev (The Inside Palestine)- By Israeli approving to establish new 12 settlement units in occupied Negev, it surrounded the Palestinian towns and villages and re-imposing the military rule, Palestinian sources warn.

Israeli government approved on Sunday establishing 12 settlement units in occupied Negev, including two cities one of which is Kasif near the settlement of Kasifa and the other near Lahvim.

The leader and member of the Negev Residents Orientation Committee, Juma Zabarka explained that the announcement of establishing new 12 settlements is a mean to seize land in the Negev, not a goal.

He noted that settlers in general do not rush to live in the Negev and its desert environment, for several reasons, the most important of which is the lack of infrastructure and economic services, in addition to its distance from the center of the country.

He pointed out that planting trees and forests are nothing but an Israeli policy and a mean that has other goals, the most important of which is to occupy more Negev lands.

“Israeli Minister of the Interior and Housing signed three agreements to establish 12 settlements in occupied Negev, as if settlers and Jews are rushing to live in these settlements,” Zabarka says.

He explained that the aim of establishing settlements is not to settle the Jews, but to seize more lands, noting that simple logic requires that Israel recognize villages that their owners are resided in, who are still without any services or infrastructure, and even today their villages are classified as unrecognized. 

However, several areas in Several areas in the Negev witnesses great development, but for the Jews who are in them, and at the expense of the Palestinians’ property and lands.

Zabarka stresses that establishing settlements with the contradictions on the ground reflects the occupation mentality and Zionist thought, which has never stopped swallowing more Palestinian land.

He considers that the timing of the announcement of the establishment of settlements is exploiting the existing situation of events in the Palestinian arena and the international situation, to restore military rule and control over the Negev.

The decision of constructing 12 new settlements in Negev includes expanding Nitzana settlement, in addition to five settlements along Route 25 (Beersheba – Dimona) and 4 settlements along Route 31 (Beersheba – Arad) at the expense of the geographical space for the natural development of Palestinian communities.

The Higher Steering Committee of the Arabs of the Negev considered the details of the approval is to besiege the Palestinian villages and hinder the possibility of their future development.

It stated in a statement that these new settlements in addition to 145 settlements in occupied Negev and 70 farms confirms that the motive is racist political.

This decision fully confirms Amnesty’s latest report, that Israeli government practices an apartheid policy against the citizens of the Negev.

Source: Alray

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