IOF assault Palestinian detainees in Majiddo prison

Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- Al-Asir “Palestinian detainees” Society stated on Thursday that the repression forces of the Israeli Prison service (IPS) carried out a large-scale incursion into section (4) in Majiddo prison, during which four Palestinian detainees were injured after being severely beaten.

Al-Assir Society added that the Majiddo prison administration has imposed sanctions on the Palestinian detainees, including depriving them of electrical appliances and visits for three months.

The IPS has stepped up its repressive measures in several prisons in recent months as systematic abuse tools against Palestinian detainees.

It is worth mentioning that Majiddo prison is considered one of the most prominent prisons in terms of the number of detainees, knowing that the total number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is approximately (4,400), including (32) females, and about (160) children.

Source: Al Ray

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