IOA demolish Araqib village in Negev for 182nd consecutive time

Occupied Palestine(The inside Palestine)- The Israeli authorities on Wednesday demolished all structures in the Palestinian Bedouin village of Araqib in the Negev desert for the 182nd consecutive time, displacing its residents.

This was the first time the Israeli authorities demolished the village since the beginning of the current year. The previous demolition happened on December 17, 2020.

According to local sources, Israeli police forces with bulldozers stormed the village and wreaked havoc on everything.

Consequently, dozens of Bedouin citizens, including children, women and elderlies, have become homeless and will suffer from the harsh weather of the desert for a while before they could have new makeshift homes again.

Araqib residents live in a constant state of fear because they expect the demolition of their village at any moment after they manage to rebuild their homes again.

However, such Israeli arbitrary, criminal and inhumane policy of demolition, uprooting and displacement will only increase the residents’ resolve and adherence to their land and village even if Israel demolishes it thousands of times.

Al-Araqib is one of several Bedouin villages in the Negev desert, which are “unrecognized” by Israel.

The demolition of al-Araqib and other villages in the Negev is a systematic Israeli policy aimed at expelling the native population from the Negev and transferring them to government-zoned areas to pave the way to expand and build settlements for Jewish communities.

Source: PIC

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