International campaign to end Israel’s blockade on Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- The Coronavirus crisis came at a time where the Gaza Strip has been living under a 14-year blockade, and today the Palestinians are facing this crisis in the presence of severe shortages of essential medicines and consumables.

Palestinian and international activists and supporters of the Palestinian cause launched a campaign using the hashtag #EndGazaBlockade, demanding US Congress representatives to pressurize the occupation authorities to end the suffocating siege that affected all humanitarian aspects of 2 million people.

The activists called on US Congress representatives to be sensitized on the urgency to lift the 14-year long blockade imposed by ‘Israel’ on Gaza by air, land and sea. They also insisted on the non-antisemitic nature of their request.

The activists stated that It is time for the American Congress to play its full part in finally ending the horrific siege imposed on Palestinians living in the Gaza strip by putting pressure on ‘Israel’ in order to free the Strip from its grip.

Source: QNN

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