Hundreds Palestinians participate in funeral of Palestinian mother killed by ‘Israel’

Occupied Jenin (The Inside Palestine)- Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets of Qabatya in occupied Jenin today in the funeral procession of Isra’a Ikhzeimiyyeh’s, a mother of four children, killed two months ago by Israeli soldiers who shot her with 17 bullets.

Israeli forces had handed over the body of Ikhzeimiyyeh yesterday, two months after her murder. Israeli forces had killed her in cold blood with 17 rounds under the pretexts that she was intending to carry out a stabbing attack in the old city in occupied Jerusalem.

Isra’a had four children, the oldest of them is only 11 years old. Her family mourned her saying that she was a hardworking college student and remarkable writer.

Her mother told QNN that “she loved Al Aqsa mosque and was looking forward to visiting it. However, when she could visit it they [the Israelis] killed her.”

“She had a strong and loving personality. She loved her family and neighbors”, the mother said.

“She never caused anyone to be sad and she loved helping people.”

Fadi Ikhzeimiyyeh, Isra’s brother, said in an interview for the “People’s talk” program that “a medical examination revealed that she was shot with over 17 bullets by Israeli soldiers, who were in the area”. He described the killing of his sister as being a “criminal execution”.

“There are holes all over her body”, he said. “Her head, heart, abdomen, and legs. Nearly 17 bullets appear all over her body.”

“The occupiers continue to withhold bodies of dozens of martyrs. We will continue to protest in this tent and we hope that international and human rights organizations stand with the families to get the bodies of their beloved ones.”

Source: QNN

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