Hardcore Israeli settlers knife tires of more than 20 Palestinian cars in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (The Inside Palestine)– Israelis today slashed tires of more than 20 Palestinian-owned cars in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, according to a local activist.

Mohammad Kiswani, from the neighborhood, told WAFA that dozens of Israeli settlers broke into Sheikh Jarrah and vandalized around 20 cars parked in the area and owned by local Palestinian residents, including his family.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that Israelis vandalize Palestinian property in the neighborhood, he said, adding that the Israeli police have not done anything yet to arrest the vandals, rather they protect them.

Kiswani said the Israelis want to frighten the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah in order to leave it so that the settlers can take it over without any problem.

Israeli settler groups have been trying for many years to forcibly remove Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah from their homes in order to take them over alleging ownership of these homes. The Palestinians say the settlers have forged the ownership documents.

“We will never leave our neighborhood or any other neighborhood in Jerusalem regardless of what happens and regardless of the barbaric attacks by the occupation and its settlers,” said Kiswani.

Source: WAFA 

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