Germany bans 5 pro-Palestine Nakba demonstrations

Berlin (The Inside Palestine)- On Thursday, Germany announced that they are banning five Palestinian demonstrations that have been registered for the coming days. 

Palestinian activism groups announced recently that they will be protesting against “Israel” and its occupation on the day of expulsion – or, the Nakba – particularly on Saturday and Sunday.

Berlin authorities allege that there is “immediate danger” of “anti-Semitic chants,” “glorification of violence” and “acts of violence.”

May 15 – Nakba Day – marks the 1948 forced expulsion of almost 800,000 Palestinians from their homes in Palestine.

Last month, Berlin issued a ban on pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the capital as Palestinians held a protest against “Israel’s” violent practices in Palestine. 

Germany is a close ally to “Israel” and has been silent on their persistent crackdown in the occupied West Bank and Al-Quds.

Source: Al Mayadeen

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