Friends of Al-Aqsa launches campaign to stop Israel’s administrative detention of Palestinians

London (The Inside Palestine)- Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) launched earlier this week an online campaign calling for ending Israel’s unlawful use of administrative detention against Palestinians and releasing of over 500 of them held without a charge or trial for years.

Earlier this week, 41-year-old Palestinian detainee in Israeli jails, Hisham Abu Hawash, ended his hunger strike after 141 consecutive days of starving and suffering in protest against his unfair administrative detention without a charge or a trial.

Abu Hawash broke his hunger strike on Tuesday evening after reaching an agreement with the Israeli occupation authorities to release him on February 26 following international serious concerns about his deteriorating health condition and calls for saving his life.

Following Hisham Abu Hawash’s deal, the FOA, a UK based campaigning organization concerned with defending the human rights of Palestinians and protecting the sacred al-Aqsa Sanctuary in Jerusalem, has launched a #StopAdministrativeDetention campaign.

The campaign has called for Hisham’s immediate freedom and the release of 500 more Palestinians currently held by Israel under administrative detention without a charge or trial.

On Thursday night, dozens of pro-Palestine advocates, called by FOA, gathered at the Israeli occupation Embassy in central London, calling on ‘Israel’ to comply with international law and end its unfair use of administrative detention against Palestinians.

“Israel has a long history of using administrative detention to oppress Palestinians,” said FOA in a press release issued on Friday.

“Since March 2002, the number of Palestinians in administrative detention has never fallen below 100. Like all Palestinian prisoners, administrative detainees face appalling prison conditions: they are regularly subjected to arbitrary beatings, solitary confinement, limited family visits and medical negligence,” the British group added.

The #StopAdministrativeDetention campaign has also called on the supporters to ask their MPs “to publicly condemn this disgraceful treatment of Palestinian men, women and children and to “condemn Israel’s appalling policy of administrative detention.”

According to Palestinian prisoner advocacy groups, there are now 4,600 Palestinians held in Israeli occupation jails, including 34 women, 160 minors, and 500 administrative detainees held without charge or trial.

The groups said in a recently-issued report that during the year of 2021, ‘Israel’ issued 1,595 administrative detention orders against the Palestinians while 1,114 administrative detention orders were issued in 2020.

Source: QNN

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