For second time in week, Israeli planes spray Gaza’s farmland with toxic agents

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- In yet another act of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians of Gaza Israeli planes sprayed toxic chemicals on the eastern perimeter of the coastal enclave.

Israeli crop-duster planes sprayed herbicides at least twice this week on Gaza farming areas.
The Israeli regime regularly sprays Palestinian agricultural lands near the so-called buffer zone with dangerous substances which destroy the crops.

For more than a decade Israeli planes sprayed Gaza’s farmlands several times a year destroying various crops.Spraying unknown toxic substances on Gaza’s farmlands may have long lasting effects on the environment.

Gazan farmers say they are struggling to make ends meet due to Israel’s inhumane practices.

Israel claims that it sprays what it described as weed killers for security reasons, but experts say the Israeli regime aims to destroy the livelihoods of farmers.

Rights groups say the suffering of farmers and their families in Gaza reflects the scope of Israeli human rights violations.

Gazan farmers have been hit hard by the Israeli blockade and wars since 2007. Now, experts say that Israel’s poisoning of crops will make a bad situation worse and harm vital sources of food in the territory.

Source: Press TV

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