Colonial settlers vandalise dozens of Palestinian-owned cars in Ramallah

Occupied West Bank ( The Inside Palestine)- Fanatic Israeli settlers on Tuesday slashed tyres of scores of Palestinian vehicles in the occupied West Bank town of Al-Bireh.

Local sources reported that a number of Israeli settlers from the illegal settlement of “Psagot”, built on vast swathes of Palestinian land in the Jabal Tawil area, broke into the industrial zone in Al-Bireh and slashed the tyres of more than 20 vehicles before fleeing the scene.

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians on a daily basis across the occupied territories under the so-called “Price Tag” banner. Such attacks always go unpunished by the Israeli occupation authorities.

These attacks often include assaults on Palestinians, slashing tyres, painting anti-Arab slogans, in addition to the cutting down of trees belonging to Palestinian farmers.

Source: Al-Ray

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