Colonial Israeli settlers chop down 25 olive saplings in Salfit

Occupied West Bank (The Inside Palestine) – Israeli settlers on Saturday chopped down 25 olive tree seedlings in the occupied West Bank town of Burqin west of Salfit.

Local resident Husam Samara said that Israeli settlers from the illegal settlement of “Brukhin” cut down 25 olive saplings, aged around five years, after raiding his land in the north of the town.

Samara pointed out that his three-dunum plot of land is planted with olive trees and that he recently planted 30 olive seedlings in it.

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians on a daily basis across the occupied territories under the so-called “Price Tag” banner. Such attacks always go unpunished by the Israeli occupation authorities.

These attacks often include assaults on Palestinians, slashing tyres, painting anti-Arab slogans, in addition to the cutting down of trees belonging to Palestinian farmers.

Source: ALRAY

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