British activists shut down Israeli-owned arms firm ‘Elbit’

LONDON (The Inside Palestine) – British activists from the pro-Palestinian group Palestine Action yesterday shut down the London headquarters of an Israeli-owned arms firm for the third time in two weeks.

Palestine Action said in a statement that a number of its activists chained themselves together across the entrance to the building at 77 Kingsway after spraying it with red paint representing the blood of Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation forces.

The action was part of a nationwide campaign by Palestine Action to shut down the factories and offices of Elbit Systems UK, which makes drones and surveillance drones and unmanned attack aircraft for the Israeli military.

Palestine Action said in a statement: “The site has been sprayed in Palestine Action’s typical blood-red paint as Elbit’s involvement in the slaughter of Palestinian civilians is exposed by those taking action.

“Elbit products, such as surveillance technologies, small calibre munitions, and military drones — some of which are British-manufactured — have been deployed against Palestinians over the previous month, with Elbit’s continued operations in this country marking us as complicit in this Palestinian suffering.”

The group said that “action against Elbit Systems will continue unabated, despite increased police and court harassment and intimidation being taken against those standing against the suppliers of arms to war criminals.”

Palestine Action’s campaign against Elbit was launched in August 2020.

Elbit had five factories in Britain but the number was reduced to four when Elbit permanently closed its weapons factory at Oldham in Greater Manchester in February after a sustained campaign of occupations by Palestine Action and protests and blockades at the factory by other Palestine supporters.

The protests were supported by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, other Palestine groups from Manchester and activists from Oldham Peace and Justice Campaign.

Source: WAFA

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