Biden is okay with illegal Israeli settlements

US(The inside Palestine)- Democratic Front for the liberation of Palestine called on the Palestinian Authority to build realistic policies that meet the Palestinians’ national interests.

“Biden’s administration will not retract the confession of recognizing the occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Democratic Front stated.

It added, “Biden’s administration did not release any decisions that confirm its rejection of Israel’s policy of settlement. Thus, this proves its support to Israel.”

The US administration’s position of supporting Israel in its crimes and wars against the Palestinians is clear as its rejection of the role played by the International Criminal Court of the Palestinian lands is a call for Israel to keep committing more crimes, arresting more Palestinians, seizing lands, building settlements, raiding cities and towns, imposing blockade over Gaza, and many others.

It also called for not relying on the American repeated talk about the “two-state solution” in which Palestinians tried it before when George Bush announced it. This solution covers Israel while digging deep into the Palestinians’ lives.

Source : Safa

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