BDS welcomes rejection of Jordanian athlete to confront Israeli opponent

Jordan (The Inside Palestine)- The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in Jordan has hailed the position of the young Jordanian fencing player Iyas al-Zumur to reject to confront an Israeli opponent in the World Junior Fencing Championship held in Dubai.

“A salute to the Jordanian fencing player, Iyas al-Zumur, for his rejection to meet a Zionist player in the World Junior Fencing Championship,” the BDS movement in Jordan posted on Twitter.

The BDS movement added that an Arab fencing player and a new Jordanian hero slams sports normalization with ‘Israel’ by withdrawing from World Fencing Championship so as to not face an Israeli opponent.

In the same context, social media activists praised al-Zumur’s “heroic stance and principles.”

“This is how we, young and old, know our enemy well. We refuse to contribute to polishing its image and crimes, because sport is a path to values and morals in the first place,” the activists said.

About one week ago, the Kuwaiti fencing player Mohammad Al-Fadil also refused to face an Israeli opponent in the group stage of the World Fencing Championships that took place in Dubai.

Source: Al Ray

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