Suspicious death of Palestinian woman stirs social media storm

The suspicious death of Israa Al-Gharib from the occupied West Bank has stirred up a social media storm following allegations that she was killed for “staining family honour”, reported on Sunday. The story of the young woman’s death went viral on social media, with campaigners using the Arabic hashtag #All of us are Israa Al-Gharib.

The 21-year-old Palestinian worked at a beautician’s salon and campaigners published her images taken in beauty spots. They claim that Al-Gharib was killed by her family members after she had appeared in a short video on Instagram alongside a youth who asked her family to get engaged to her.

Her family said in one statement that she fell to her death, and in another that she died after being harmed by “spirits”. According to campaigners, her death was a “crime” if it came about to “protect family honour”.

On Monday, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh announced that suspects have been detained in relation to Al-Gharib’s death. He pledged that investigations will continue into the incident.

( Source: Middle East Monitor)

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