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Activists salute Jeremy Corbyn for his principled position in rejecting the so-called Trump’s Plan

Palestine, 4, June. (The Inside Palestine)- The leader of the UK opposition Labour Party, MP Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday voiced his support for Palestinians, condemning Israel’s illegal annexation of Palestinian lands.

In a Twitter tweet on his account, Corbyn said “Trump’s “deal of the century” and Israel’s illegal annexation plans must be firmly opposed.”

In addition, he posted last year on his Facebook page saying that “If President Trump’s Middle East plan is, as expected, an attempt to bury the Palestinians’ right to a viable state alongside Israel, we will call on our government and the international community to reject it decisively. No peace plan can succeed at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people. That’s why a Labour government will recognise a Palestinian state and press for an immediate return to meaningful negotiations, aimed at achieving a lasting settlement based on UN resolutions, international law and justice that has been too long denied.”

Hence, a group of activists, represented in PO Team and PDF Team, who are defending the Palestinian cause, thank him for standing with Palestinians and tell him that his efforts are highly appreciated.


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