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Palestinian activists call on EU foreign minister to oppose all Israeli crimes

Palestine, Wednesday, May 20, 2020.( The inside Palestine)- EU foreign Minister Simon Conveney welcomes a new Israeli government coalition, yet he stated that EU’s position on annexation of any part of occupied territory remains very clear: it would be considered a breach of international law.

Accordingly a group of Palestinian activists from ” Palestine Defense forces” team decided to tell him that the EU must oppose all actions of the so-called ‘Israel’.

The European Union is willing to support and facilitate resumed meaningful negotiations between the two parties, to resolve all final status issues and achieve a just and lasting peace. They expressed their intention to engage immediately with the new government and with all relevant stakeholders!

It is worth mentioning that The agenda of the new government includes a possible declaration of sovereignty over Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank – a de facto annexation.
Such a move will likely cause international uproar and inflame tensions in the West Bank.

Any upcoming Israeli government coalition that annexes more occupied Palestinian land will not only pose a clear threat to the international system based on the rules of international law but would threaten peace, security and stability in the entire Middle East as well.


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