IOF Killed a Palestinian at Gaza border

Hani Abu Salah, ayoung man from Gaza was shot killed before dawn, on Thursday , by Israeli occupation forces after he allegedly crossed the border between Gaza and Israel. Israeli forces claim that the young man fired a gun at Israeli soldiers before they fired numerous live rounds, killing him..Accoring to Israeli media stations.

No Palestinian medical sources confirmed the news of the death, but according to a statement issued by the Israeli army, the as-yet unidentified young man came across the border and clashed with the soldiers.

According to the military, one officer sustained a moderate injury, and two other soldiers were slightly injured, and were transferred to the “Soroka” Hospital in Beer Sheva.

The Israeli army also announced that in the aftermath of this killing, they decided to begin firing tank shells toward the Palestinian city of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, which led to exchanges of fire with Palestinian fighters in which no injuries were reported.

Eyewitnesses in Gaza reported that the Israeli occupation army fired two shells and light bombs at the border area east of Khuza’a town in Khan Younis after hearing the sound of gunfire. Others also spoke of Israeli planes flying in the area .

Since weekly protests began on the Gaza-Israel border in 2018, at least 297 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces — most of them unarmed civilians participating in non-violent protests at the border. Seven Israelis have been killed by Palestinians during that same time period.

The protests have called for an end to the 12-year long siege of the Gaza Strip, and a return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes in what is now Israel.

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