‘Israel’ issues a new military order to punish any entity deals with Palestinian detainees

Ramallah (QNN)- Human rights sources stated that the occupation state has been practicing a new form of terrorism against the Palestinian people as it issued a new military order to punish individuals, institutions, and even banks that deal with Palestinian prisoners and their families or open bank accounts for them.

The Prisoners’ Association explained that the Israeli military order, which will come into effect on May 9, is a serious turn that requires preparation for a new kind of resistance between the occupation state and the Palestinian people, including all its political, official, and civil frameworks.

The association added that the occupation state continued to use all tools to violate the rights of the Palestinian prisoners and their families. ‘Israel’ has imposed more military orders on Palestinian prisoners after its failure in forcing the Palestinian Authority to pay the prisoners’ allocation of funds.

It also added that the occupation state has been recently trying to link the Palestinian resistance and resilience to terrorism.

Furthermore, the association stressed that the occupation state is terrorizing the Palestinian banking system, which could lead to dangerous consequences on dozens of thousands of Palestinian prisoners and their families. The Israeli authorities have already started punitive measures against Palestinian prisoners from the land occupied in 1948 and their families.

The Prisoners’ Association called on all institutions to reject and confront the Israeli repressive measures in the field and in international forums and courts.


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