One day before Ramadan.. IOA dismantles residential mobile house in Jericho

Jericho (QNN)- The Israeli army on Thursday dismantled a residential mobile house in Jericho under the pretext of having no building permit, displacing a Palestinian family of ten.

A local source told QNN that the Israeli army stormed Al Steih area in the occupied city before surrounding the house and dismantling it. The army prevented the locals and media from reaching the area.

The 120 square meters mobile house belongs to Hisham Olayyan. Ten Palestinians used to live in the house before the Israelis displace them.

The Israeli occupation army claimed that Olayyan had to get a building permit to live in the mobile house. The occupation state rejects to provide native Palestinians in the West Bank and Jerusalem with building permissions and prevents them from expanding their houses or doing maintenance work.



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