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Palestinian activists: “Israel” is not a country, rather it is an occupation entity

Palestine, Tuesday, April 21.( The inside Palestine) -Andrew Neil, the anti-Palestinian Scottish journalist and broadcaster, condemns the British Labour Party politician Richard Burgon for not including “Israel” in his tweet about the most countries doing better with COVID19.

Palestinian activists from” Palestine Online” have commented on his tweet saying that “Israe”l is not considered as a country to be included in the list of countries that have proven themselves in dealing with the Coronavirus. “Israel” is an occupation entity and it was built on stolen Palestinian land.

Here are some of their comments:

It is worth mentioning that “Palestine online” is a gathering of pro-Palestine activists from different countries around the world. They are known in monitoring the Israeli violations and hate-speech against the Palestinians, as they try to spread their voice on social media to raise awareness about the importance of supporting the just cause of Palestine.

Source: The inside Palestine.


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