20 More Palestinian prisoners join administrative detainees in hunger Strike

20 More Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons on Tuesday, 30 July, joined the eight administrative detainees already on hunger strike as Mohammed Abu Aker, Mustafa Hassanat and Huzaifa Halabiya entered their second month without food.

The prison branch of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine announced that 20 prisoners in the Negev desert prison were joining the strike to demand freedom for administrative detainees and an end of imprisonment without charge or trial.

The 20 prisoners who joined the strike were led by Wael Jaghoub, the leader of the PFLP’s prison branch.

The full list of the new strikers is as follows:

1 Wael Jaghoub

2 Thaer Hanani

3 Yahya Zahran, sentenced to 22 years, from Askar refugee camp

4 Fadi Khaizaran, serving a 26 year sentence, from Balata camp

5 Iyad Abu Khait, serving a 24 year sentence, from Askar refugee camp

6 Hassan Ahmad Abu Kamel,serving a 22 year sentence, from Askar refugee camp

7 Ra’afat Assous, serving a 20 year sentence, from Burin

8 Musaab Mahmoud, serving a 24 year sentence, from Beit Umrin

9 Muath Kaabi, serving a 3-year sentence, from Balata refugee camp

10 Tareq Darwish, serving a 7-year sentence, from Issawiya

11 Ahmad Abu Amsha, serving a 6 year sentence, from Zawat, Nablus

12 Ismail Alayan, held in administrative detention, from Dheisheh camp

13 Mahmoud Hamash, held in administative detention, from Dheisheh camp

14 Shehab Mezher, held in administrative detention, from Dheisheh camp

15 Shafiq Saabneh, serving an 11-year sentence, from Jenin

16 Mohammed al-Rashdi, serving an 11 year sentence, from Shu’afat refugee camp

17 Mohammed al-Zaanoun, serving an 18-yea sentence, from Hallal

18 Mohammed Firawi, serving an 8 year sentence, from Jerusalem

19 Mohammed Abu Hamad, serving a 7 year sentence, from Shu’afat refugee camp

20 Sultan Abu al-Hummus, serving a 7 year sentence, from Issawiya, Jerusalem

In joining the strike, the prisoners issued a statement that “the procrastination and evasion of the prison administration and its failure to implement an agreement for the three sriking prisoners: Huzaifa Halabiya, Mohammed Abu Aker and Mustafa al-Hassanat, will receive further escalation and response.” They emphasized that the Israeli prison administration holds full responsibility for the lives and health of the strikers as they enter their second month on hunger strike.

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