“Israel” intends to expand the rail lines in Jerusalem and connect it with Israeli settlements

The Israeli occupation government intends to expand the light rail lines in Jerusalem and connect Jewish settlements with the Palestinian holy city and its old neighborhoods.

According to the Hebrew media on Saturday, the Israeli ministry of interior’s regional committee for planning and construction held a meeting last week and agreed on connecting the settlement of Armon Hanatziv, which is located on Jabel Mukaber in east Jerusalem, with the light rail system.

The Hebrew media affirmed that the new rail expansion project would lead to a significant increase in the construction of housing units for settlers around the light railroad tracks and stations in Jerusalem.

For its part, the Arab Center for Alternative Planning revealed a few days ago that the Israeli occupation authority was preparing a new Judaization plan to build two rail lines linking Jewish communities with areas in the vicinity of east Jerusalem.

The first rail line will run underground from the western part of Jerusalem to the Aqsa Mosque’s al-Maghariba Gate area in east Jerusalem and the second line will be above the ground and will run through different neighborhoods of the holy city, according to the Arab Center.

Source: PIC


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